Creature Seeker Studios is scary all year long

Every day is Halloween at Creature Seeker Studios.

“I’ve done art all my life but I haven’t always done creepy art. I’ve been doing creepy art for about six or seven years now,” Eric Brown said.

He transformed his hobby into a business when he found out about side show exhibits.

“So I started making side show things. Weird creatures in jars, shrunken heads, that kind of thing,” he said.

You should see the kind of things he makes at his workshop at his house in Knoxville. He shapes paper mache and polymer clay into strange stuff.

“I really like making things that could have been real at one time or may have existed but don’t. I call them artifakes. Things that make people scratch their head and wonder if it could be real,” he explained.

He seeks out those creatures in his imagination and adds them to his collection. Eric Brown is the Creature Seeker.

His creatures have many destinations.

“Some independent film makers use my work as props, some private collectors, some people actually take some of my props and use them in working side show exhibits. So at a fair they may have a tent that says see the creature in a jar, see the shrunken head for one dollar, and people actually pay to come in and see the exhibit,” he said.

He thought about cannibals eating people and came up with a body parts filled pie. Apples with maggots anyone? He thought of that, too. And not only maggots, but also magnets.

It’s not all creepy. A creation he named Balloon Boy has big eyes so he’s actually kind of cute. Balloon Boy is part of a group of Eric Brown’s Imaginary Friends.

“They all have quirky names like this is Flo, Sparkle Pony, that’s Bo Jangle,” he said.

His quirky profession keeps him pretty busy but he does have another job that also requires strong hands.

“I’m also a massage therapist.”

The faint at heart may need some therapy after encountering Creature Seeker Studios.