Movie Review: Creature 3D

Movie Review: Creature 3D

The film starts with an interesting premise — beast versus beauty. Sultry Bipasha (Aahna) runs a charming forest lodge in picturesque Himachal Pradesh. She is an efficient host who goes to great lengths to ensure her guests have a good time at her property.

Naturally, they are happy, till they sight a strange creature and there’s mayhem all around. It is explained that these are Brahmrakshasas — half-men, half animal — which are under Brahma’s curse and are waiting for salvation. But unleash untold terror till then.

The problem is the sighting takes away much of the suspence for the viewer. Because it happens too early and it is in your face. There’s nothing more to be terrified of. Any amount of screaming and bloodbath fail to keep you ho ..

The police simply blame the attacks on wild animals. And in the absence of any action, the sexy Aahna decides to take on the mammoth beast herself. The portrayal of the creature — a combination of all such animals that we have seen on the screen so far — is quite good. And the 3D effects are impressive too.

What lets the film down is a juvenile script and lack of logic and finesse. To top it, in a movie that requires a lot of histrionics, the lead pair manage to pull off minimum express ..

Genre: Sci-fi Thriller

Rating: ***

Cast: Bipasha Basu, Imran Abbas Naqvi

Director: Vikram Bhatt

Language: Hindi